Why Hire an Appraiser?

Appraisers of real estate or real property provide an objective, extensively educated analysis for all types of real property and for all types of purposes. Appraisers examine the utility, desirability and resulting contributory value(s) of all components of a property. Appraisers can assist in ensuring that decisions made by buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, government agencies, corporations, businesses, the courts, and others are being based on information provided by a well-informed, well-educated, impartial real estate professional.

In the complex real estate market, special consideration must be given to the varying values relative to ‘traditional sales’, short sales, bank owned properties, etc. It’s important now, more than ever, to hire a real estate expert who studies and understands all the nuances of our ever-changing market.

It is essential that appraisers are objective. In virtually all real estate decisions, one or more parties have a strong vested interest in a specific conclusion. An appraiser, by law, must provide an unbiased opinion that reflects the true and accurate market conditions and resulting market value, regardless of the motivations of any and all parties involved in the transaction or issue being addressed.

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